Hair Covering Scarves and a request

colorful scarves as a backdrop to text hair coveringSince this site deals with Jewish celebrations which include weddings, and since hair covering is a thing for many Jewish women after they get married, I thought I would post some a few resources about that topic.

There are a billion different ways to cover ones hair, and of course everyone has their own opinion about what is better and whats more comfortable. This post is just for scarves, tichels or mitpachot.

My daughter’s one true way (because of course this is how the “Ima shel Shabbat” had it tied on by the gannenet) is around the pony tail with the ends of the scarf hanging long over the shoulders. Not per say the most practical way.

Resources for Tying

I’ve seen a few different resources for tying head scarves, tichels such as those at
You can also  buy a book from Beitel Publishers with instructions on how to tie on the scarf in a variety of ways and even watch a video on Youtube:

How to tie a tichel from YouTube

3 NEW ways of Tying Tichel - Butterfly Tie, 2 Teichel Braid, 2 Tichels Tie

There are many many boards and resources on pinterest for hair covering with scarves. I’m wondering why I started with mitpachot, and mostly its because that’s what I came across. I would love to talk about other hair stuff. At the moment I keep thinking of a book I read a while back called Rapunzel’s daughters which talked about women and hair issues so maybe one time I’ll focus on that sort of thing. Or maybe I’ll post hat patterns. Who knows? I am open to suggestions though! In fact please provide suggestions or resources.

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