Hair Clips for Girls…and boys

I never posted these but we had fun with them. Two crocheted flowers to match dresses (we like adding ribbon):

Croceted hair kuku with ribbons copyright birkatchaverimThis one has a button-

crocheted hair clip with button from birkat chaverim

Plus my favorite a simple clip for a boy (could be for a girl too but in this case it was made for a boy.) If you are familiar with the custom of chalaka/upshern, you may know that growing a little boy’s hair until he’s three (give or take, depending on your minhag) makes for a boy with hair in his eyes. Enter the Torah clip:

boy torah clip from birkat chaverim

A five minute project involving cutting a bit of felt, a little drawing (but in this case with the wrong pen) and a very minor amount of sewing. Oh and longer getting said child to keep clip in his hair. Next time I’ll use a better pen to draw a little crown on the “Torah mantle.” Although  I’m thinking of doing some matching clips for siblings, and so next time may be apples for Rosh Hashana or something like that. Would love to hear about any clips- boy or otherwise- you’ve made!

plus, my favoriteA few clips that we

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