Summing up Mitzvot Unplugged

Summing up mitzvot unplugged series I’m very thankful to everyone who participated in the Mitzvot Unplugged series. We had a wide variety of topics in the series and personally, I am grateful for all the different perspectives. I know that I personally tend to focus on certain types of activities and themes, so its nice to hear from others and ask myself how I can incorporate these approaches into our lives. On that note if any of you reading this have something to share and would like to guest post, I would love to hear about it.

Just one more aspect of gratitude, I know the timing of the series is not the most convenient and I appreciate how participants took out time from their busy schedules to be involved.

To sum up the series, for our first Mitzvot Unplugged series we were lucky to highlight community chesed programs with the following posts:


Mitzvah Clowning with Areyvut or Turning Jewish values into concrete actions through Areyvut

Melabev’s Bar and Bat Mitzvah Program or Teaching the Mitzvah of Respecting the Elderly


I seem to have a secret leaning towards Jewish homeschooling and Jewish homeschooling methods, because it was definitely featured:


Teaching Pirkei Avot

Hachnasos (Hachnasat) Orchim

The Living Torah

Lets Talk Jewish Learning!


Creative Arts

Kol HaOt – Illuminating Jewish Life through Art

Tiny Ninja Theater’s Ma’amati, From When?

Interview with the Maccabeats

Using Papercuts to Teach Values


Special Topics

Training for Curiosity: Girls and Talmud Torah

Review: Seven Steps to Mentchhood


Do you have a topic you’d like to add? Please do in the comments or the form below.

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