Rosh Hashanah Cards made with Kids

I stumbled over some old Rosh Hashanah cards we made a number of years ago. These were made during a mini summer camp we organized at our house, of neighborhood kids. The Rosh Hashanah Cards are based on a cute umbrella card project by Ikat Bag which we had pinned to our pinterest boards. The original rain umbrella card was really cute and works well, with holiday additions as a holiday card or to learn about the blessing for rain that is added on Simchat Torah. We made a number of them, but unfortunately, these are the only pictures that I found.

Rosh Hashanah Cards

Kid made Rosh Hashana cards

In this card we used the accordion paper design as a skirt. The girl is juggling apples and has bees and honey at her side.

Here we used the accordion as an umbrella, added rain and the verse “Mashiv Haruach UMorid HaGeshem” the blessing added for rain. A boy wearing boots and a kippa holds up his umbrella in the rain as thewind blows and flowers bloom.

Kid made Rosh Hashana card with umbrellaThis was pretty much the same scene, but clearly decorated by a small fry with just the boy with his umbrella. Maybe the stickers were actually flowers. But who knows? I don’t really remember. The photo came out a bit blurry, which is a real shame but still fun to see. My kids like making pop up cards now as well. I have shared my daughter’s Kotel pop up card and Yom Haatzmaut cards in the past.

We made some other cute cards that summer but I have not found any pictures of them. However, we do have other Rosh Hashanah ideas pinned to our pinterest boards and on our blog. We also have fun cupcake wrappers for Rosh Hashanah in the shop.

Have you made this project or other fun Rosh Hashanah cards?

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