Two science experiments for Rosh Hashanah

cinnomon honey rosh hashana science experiment

These came about by accident but were fun and take about five minutes.
1. Honey paste

After reading that honey and cinnamon paste are good for coughing and laryngitis, we made a simple paste completely by experimenting on quantities. Then we tasted it. Its sort of like a mild hot tamale candy and is also good on bread and as a tea. I can’t tell you how well it works against coughing and laryngitis but it certainly did not hurt.
shofar sound experiment2. Testing sound levels of horn openings

This came about because my daughter noticed that when she shaped her placemat into a  “shofar” shape, she could project her voice. I asked her to see whether the sound was louder or quieter when the opening closest to her mouth was smaller or larger. We did the same for the opposite opening.

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