Yom Hashoah resource for children

The Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust has created a (somewhat) new resource for middle and high school students called “Coming of Age in the Holocaust, Coming of Age Now.” It requires a parent or teacher to sign up to allow students to fully participate and experience the site.

The site includes twelve stories of survivors and one parallel story of someone who grew up in Israel during the British mandate as well as additional primary documents and artifacts to teach about the Holocaust.

The educational goals of the project (as described by the Coming of Age website) are:

  • To reflect on the challenges faced by survivors to maintain  their identities
  • Responsibilities survivors had to undertake in difficult situations
  • Sacrifices they made for others
  • To think about the lessons survivors expressed which they want to impart to the next generation
  • To think about and develop their own identity and what it means to grow up today

This could be used as part of a Bar/Bat Mitzvah project (if relevant) as well as in a regular educational context.

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