Havdala candle and crayons

crayons and havdala candle

Our havdala candle was in miserable shape. Difficult to light and low on wicks and wax. Given the great need for a new havdala candle,  I thought my daughter would enjoy making crayons and a havdala candle this week. The lazy and recycling way.

What we did

For the havdala candle:

We reused the old havdala candle and refilled it with melted wax and added new wicks. The old candle was made out of soy wax quite a while back. We used wicks from broken hanukkah candles to replace the disappeared wicks as I was out of wicks.

For the crayons:

we used tea light aluminum wrappers to melt the wax (and soy wax). We gathered together our broken crayons, put them in the tea light holders and put them in the oven on low. Some of the crayons we left to melt in the tea light holders and some we put in an aleph-bet mold. Not particularly original but fairly quick and not so hazardous to young curious fingers because the heat level is low.

You may or may not note the finger impression in the havdala candle. We love wax and mold projects around here. For instance, this dreidel crayon project, and aleph bet chalk. Note that the crayons here use the same mold as the chalk. We have also melted bees wax, in a safe way for lip balm. In that case we also used molds, can you guess what they were?

Do you have some fun wax or mold projects to share?

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