Candy and Lucky Bamboo Flower Arrangement Tutorial

candy flower arrangementLast week we made candy flower arrangements in honor of the upcoming holiday, Shavuot but it works equally well for Mothers’ day. All the supplies can be found in your local dollar store and even around the house.

Candy flowers and stemsSupplies:
Small glass bottles
Dowels cut to desired height
Wire or tape
Lucky bamboo

Candy flower detailInstructions: Basically you are creating leaves using the candies and tying them to the dowels. We found that for some of the girls, attaching the candies with wire was difficult. We therefore experimented with using tape and this worked better for a number of girls. My daughter actually used lanyard to attach the candies (obviously with assistance as she is only three.) We used both plain dowels and colored dowels.

After the girls made as many flowers as they wanted, they decorated their glass jars and filled them with the small stones. They added their candies and the bamboo and I told them to add water when they got home.

Finished candy flower arrangementFinished candy flower arrangementFinished candy flower arrangementEveryone who made them basically finished them in one session and everyone wanted to make them so this is a good project from ages 8-13. With more supervision, it also makes a good project for younger children.

Everyone liked this project and I had good feedback from their mothers as well. One of the girls told me that it was a great idea for Shavuot because people who would be learning all night could use the candies one by one to help them stay up throughout the night. I hadn’t thought of that but I like the idea.

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