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I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, as a post in the travel category as a resource. One issue that always seems to come up while traveling is staying in touch with loved ones at home. This can be expensive on both sides depending on your long distance options from home and what type of phone connection you have during your travels (roaming cell, local cell, hotel number etc.)

There are lots of options but here is a new and exciting solution- Zenofon.  This is a phone service that uses social media and a referral system which allows sign up by referral link only.

Here’s how they describe themselves:

“My friend, Zenofon is a great service. They give you 20 USA numbers that you can forward to your contacts international numbers. It’s better than a calling card because instead of having to dial an access number, a PIN and then the international number, you only have to dial one local number which Zenofon forwards all the way overseas. They also have a great referral system based off of the ancient Greek philosopher Zeno of Elea.”

They are different than Skype in that you can call from your own phone or cell, and their prices are competitive to Skype (can be better too.) You can have Zenofon call you too which is great if you are paying per minute on an expensive cellphone.

If you sign up way before travelling, you can also experiment with their “calling card” option. They are still expanding their services but it doesn’t hurt to sign up and try it out. Check it out and sign up using the the link below: referral link. Disclaimer: I like to promote friends and family when I can and this is one such instance. I hope readers sign up to this service because I wish the founder well. At the same time, I think this is a good idea and fits an area I like to talk about on the blog. Meaning family celebrations and making traveling to these celebrations easier. I also like the sort of Avon model of the product in that if you sign up other people you can make money.

I’m open to suggestions on lots of topics, so feel free to comment with suggestions. I do delete obvious spam and inappropriate links.

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