Resources for the three weeks via birkat chaverim

Three weeks Resources

Here are some useful resources for the three weeks or to use on the 9th of Av: Erica Brown's In the Narrow Places - useful for all ages. The Kavanot for each day of the three weeks can be explained in a simpler manner for younger children and it is useful both to think about serious concepts and discuss the issues of the three weeks. Kamtza and Bar ...

Kid made play doe pens for teacher appreciation gifts via birkat chaverim

Teacher Gifts

As the end of the year approaches, are you looking for some ideas for teacher's gifts? We are always looking for ideas, and here are a few from our site: Photo book Kid made pens Kid made pencils Chalk or Crayons Soap Popsicle molds (or healthy popsicles) always go over well too as do thank you notes from your child.

every picture tells a story shmos

Review: Every Picture Tells A Story by Chaim Natan Firszt

My daughter has been mentioning that her school, which is not in walking distance, is having learning at ten at night for students at the school for Shavuot, including for the first graders. She wanted to learn Torah too so I told her she could use the two "Every Picture Tells a Story, Volume One: Bereishis" and "Every Picture Tells a Story, Volume Two: ...

Courtesy A. Harris Comic Strip Hero

Addendum to A View from the American Guild of Judaic Art’s Mentor Program

This is an addendum to  A View from the American Guild of Judaic Art’s Mentor Program,  Flora Rosefsky's post about mentoring in the American Guild of Judaic Art program. For background, the  American Guild of Judaic Art's started a Judaic Visual Arts On-Line Mentoring Program. The program is open to students in grades 7-12. Flora Rosefsky spoke about m ...