Moshe Floats and other science ideas

I have been thinking about science experiments that can be done in relationship to the parsha lately. In particular, things that can be done in relation to what my daughter is learning in gan (which is not parshat hashavua, the weekly portion, but rather Chumash Bereishit, Genesis). We did however, do some float/sink types of activities this week because of the parsha. Because of the water situation, we are careful about reusing water for these types of things.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve come up with so far (any additional suggestions are welcome!):

Lech Lecha (what they are up to)– Famine, Brit milah- health, healing, germs, blood, (hachnasat orchim) healthy eating
Handwashing 2

Handwashing 3
Famine (background)
Healthy eating 1
Healthy eating 2

Vayera– playing off names of Yitzchak (laughing- sound), Yishmael (listening), Beer Lechai Roi (seeing) to talk about 5 senses. This can also be done with story of Yaakov and Esav and the blessings¬† (voice of Yaakov, hands of Esav- hearing and feeling also smell related to Esav’s smell of the field.).
Ideas: Feel: Fill a closed box with things that child needs to feel and guess what they are, fabrics with different textures; Smell – match bottles with different spices to each other Taste: testing areas of the mouth Sight: Perhaps using a magnifying glass or microscope Sound: using different objects to amplify sound when talking and hearing.
Chayei Sara– Money, Water sources, water volume, how wells work, Sorting lentils
Toldot– Telling the truth, disabilities
Vayetze– tefillat haderech,¬† Climbing folk toy for Yaakov’s dream, Marbleized paper for well water
Vvayeshev– colors of the rainbow, Prisms, From sheep to clothing
Miketz– food preservation,

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