Simple Mini Torah cookies for the Holidays

We made these Torah cookies for Simchat Torah but they are equally good for Shavuot which celebrates Matan Torah, receiving the Torah. They could also be an easy addition to the traditional first grade “mesibat chumash”, or the party that acknowledged that the students have started learning the book of Genesis (Bereshit).

The cookies have a little cinnamon and sugar on them. They could equally be decorated with chocolate chips or colorful candies. The Torah cookies are not an original idea, I think we saw this somewhere as bourekas. Maybe we will make them one year as bourekas, or covered in chocolate. They could also top something like a cheese cake.

filo dough torah cookies via Birkat Chaverim

However, as is, the Torah cookies are extremely simple to make, and kids seem to like to eat them. In theory, the sugar is also useful for helping people stay up late to learn Torah, as is traditional on Shavuot. You can also make flower shapes for Shavuot, flag shapes for Simchat Torah, or other shapes as tie ins.

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