Haitian earthquake relief

Its quite unfathomable what people are going through in Haiti. More people are writing quite eloquently about what is going on there than I could. I just wanted to post some links to places that are helping. These are not the only places where one can donate, just a few suggestions. Feel free to add more in the comments section but readers please do your own due diligence regarding whether these are trusted charities.

Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund of the American Jewish World Service

Zaka Search and Rescue For those who don’t know about Zaka, its an organization founded as a result of terrorist attacks to ensure dignity and appropriate, quick burial of the dead. They work closely with the police in Israel and have provided their expertise during disasters throughout the world.The link is for American donations. For Israelis who want to donate:

Bank of Jerusalem
Branch # 30
18 Keren Hayesod, Jerusalem, Israel
Account No: 300060134
Swift Code: JERSILIT

Google Crisis Relief Google has listed a variety of trusted charities for donations for the Haiti effort. In the past, during calamities, there have been people who took advantage and set up fake charities. So this list is useful.

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