Lentils parsha projects


lentils parsha projects via birkat chaverimThis week’s parsha tie ins were a big hit with my 2.5 year old and I thought I’d share. The picture is of his favorite one, which was sorting lentils. I gave him a spice container, funnel, and three types of lentils and let him layer them however he wanted. He was super excited about it and said, “this is a pretty project, Ima!” He could have done it again and again and I think we will do it as a gift, maybe soup mix or stew mix or something like that.

We also made enough lentil dishes to last all week. Our favorite was a variation of refried beans, just with lentils and then eaten in a tortilla with veggies and matboucha (no salsa!) We made enough that we were able to send some to school with my daughter for her special shabbat party this week.

The other thing we did (and I have no pictures at the moment), was “sew” a felt puppet and as I had a few other felt ¬†puppets around, we cut up scrap felt and decorated the puppets as Yaakov and Esav (using lots of red felt.) We could change the appearance of the puppets by removing the felt. I also pulled out the old felt boards I made ¬†and felt people that were made by girls in my chug and used them to tell stories.


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