Seven Steps to Mentchhood kid response

Being A mentch step one kid's drawing to express an idea of what it means to love a friend like yourself. Via Birkat Chaverim.A while ago I reviewed the Seven Steps to “Mentschhood”, a teaching guide based on a workshop, for helping children to become “mentsch.” I mentioned in the review that I was working with my daughter through the seven steps, but in an age appropriate way, since she was younger than the target age of the book. The Seven Steps to Mentschood kid response, as it were.

The Drawing

I had intended to share her drawing for the first step, Loving your friend like yourself, but I never did get around to it. So here it is! This was a choice she made herself. While the drawing may not be all that clear, it does fit the topic. The theme of the drawing is that someone got hurt and someone else is using his phone in order to call for help. In other words, helping your friend as you would want to be helped. Not specifically she herself, but someone. The picture has lots of hearts spread across the top, below the sky, expressing love of your neighbour. I believe she probably also enjoyed rolling the hearts across the paper.

Your Seven Steps to Mentschood Kid Response

Have you done this with or something like this with smaller children? Do you want to share what you did? It would be great to hear from you here or on Pinterest.

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