Structure of doll clothing class

I hadn’t run a doll clothing workshop ever, and its been a while since i’ve run craft classes for children. I came up with a list of what I thought we might do and figured we’d play it by ear:

Sock and stocking shirts, pants- I bought some ready made felt and fabric applique items to decorate
elasticized shirts
foam hats and flip flops
felt shoes
bags, watch, wallet
hair and other accessories

That was the original list. So far We’ve done sock items (dresses, skirts, shirts, and a bathing suit!) for Build a Bear and Barbie. I then made these shorts for my daughter out of a tshirt and decided that we should do that next. The girls asked ┬áto do t-shirt skirts next, but as you’ll see that hasn’t quite happened. Eventually we’ll do skirts from sleeves and circle skirts.I asked the girls to bring doll/bear and junk! Unmatched socks, old ratty clothing or whatever their folks wanted to throw out. They are enjoying turning “garbage” into neat stuff.

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