One more about Noah

There’s still time to talk about Noah stuff. This morning I pulled out some stickers I bought for my daughter last year around this time of year for Parshat Noach and thought it would be great to post about them, even though they are not art or craft. I bought them originally to use for travelling, and they were great for that so I wanted to share.

These are simple pairs of animal stickers plus Noah and wife with a sheet of paper with a picture of ark and landscape to use for sticking the stickers. While its true they do not fit traditional Jewish thought in having 7 animals for Kosher animals and a pair for non kosher animals, they are very cute and that fact is actually an educational starter item. One of my (then 10 year old) nieces pointed this fact out and it was a great starter to talk to younger cousins and friends.

I’m sure one can get stickers like these in many places, but I got mine from Oriental Trading Company (we are big fans for art project materials and other items.) They have lots of Noah items because they supply Sunday school teachers (see some more examples below), but not all are appropriate for a Jewish audience since some have eschatological symbols geared towards a Christian audience.

The good thing about these stickers for travel is that stickers in general are a great travel toy, but here there’s a planning and design element- where should the hippos goes? Is it raining now or has the dove been sent out? This morning it went over very well and I know if I pull them out again next year, they would be a nice treat too.

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