Eliezer’s camels

In honor of the weekly Torah portion, Parshat Chayei Sara I’m linking to some paper toys to make to help create the story of Rivka and Eliezer and giving the camel’s water.

First a camel on The Toy Maker’s site. This page has a camel and a giraffe and one could print it multiple times to make enough camels in the story.

Next a well that can be made out of a juice or milk carton by Inna of Inna’s Creations.  One could change the direction of the well so as to have enough room for all the camels and you can test proportions of each of the toys for easier play if you wanted to.

Last some paper doll designs for kids to design Rivka and Eliezer themselves:

Body outlines
Some regular hair options and and some biblical hair/accessories options
Clothing A , Clothing B, and Clothing C (also Biblical options.)

Just to note- these paper dolls are on a the makingfriends.com site which is supported by ads. On the biblical accessories and clothing pages the ads do have an Evangelical Christian slant. Also the camel in the photo is from Szeged which I took a few years back.

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