El Nino, Israel and water

We are just about at that time of year when we add back the prayer for rain to the amidah prayer and water is always a hot topic with regard to Israel so I wanted to talk about something completely different, and perhaps useful to some Bar/Bat Mitzvah child interested in doing a project related to water.

In the 90’s there was a research study which indicated that El Nino may impact Israel’s rainy season. The El Nino effect where Pacific ocean water gets heated up seems to influence a heavier rainy season. The study indicated that El Nino has impacted weather for the past 30 years or so but prior to that it didn’t. There are hypothosis about why but I thought the research was interesting anyway. For more information about that see:

Link Between El Nino and Israel Discovered

This past year, although water levels did not rise enough to stop the water shortage problem, water levels in the Kinneret were higher than they have been in a long time and even went under the red line for a short period.

You can see that from this graph, generated by Savethekinneret.com. For more related information about water in the Kinneret this year, see this article in Haaretz and another in JTA.

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