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CCAR article illustration a gift to the communityThis post is intended as extra material for an article I wrote with my mom for the winter CCAR journal. This is a special issue entitled “Inspiration and Opportunity: The Arts and Jewish Life.” It is chock full of interesting articles. I have been slowly reading the other contributions and learning new things. Our Article is entitled:
A Gift to the Community: The Los Angeles Temple Isaiah’s Festival of Jewish Artisans
The Dream and Reality of Twenty-Five Years of the Nurturing of Jewish Arts and Artists

The article was in large part based on a paper or two I wrote during my MA, on the Festival of Jewish Artisans and Jewish art in general. We had at some point thought about taking that as a start and publishing a book with related articles by a variety of scholars and artists. We never did get to that, but when we heard about the special CCAR edition, we thought the topic fit very nicely. We did some updating, verifying and adding. It was particularly nice to be able to work on the article together and it was nice to dedicate the article in memory of my father and in memory of our friend, artist RoseAnn Chaseman. I won’t go into details, but its fitting that they are mentioned there.

I am quite honored that our article was included given all the other articles by people I have read and used in my own research, artists I admire, as well as people I like.

There was only so much space in the article (in fact we sincerely regret not being able to include any images from artists or the festival. I hope to do that one day here.) I therefore stuck in a footnote which said I would post the lecture and program list here. Note that there are possibly errors in the list and it is not complete.

Lecture and workshop series (as listed) Festival of Jewish artisans 1981-2002:

A Celebration of Jewish Arts series
Monday Evening Series:
Opening Concert The American Chamber Orchestra playing music written by Jewish composers
“Jewish Art from from biblical times” Marcia Reines Josephy
“Jewish Art from the Middle Ages to the present” Marcia Reines Josephy
“The Lower East Side Revisited: A photographic Essay” Bill Aron
“Art and Artists of Israel: Israel’s contribution to the Twentieth Century” Linda Steinberg
“Jewish Art and Artists of Los Angeles: A Guided Tour” Linda Steinberg
Sunday Events:
Danzig 1939: Treasures of a Destroyed Community Guided tour, Skirball Museum
New Artef Players present a day of Jewish Drama The Tales of Chelm based on the stories of I.J Singer and Playground
Chanukkah Artisans Fair


Reflections on Contemporary Jewish Art: The Artist’s Perspective (Bill Aron, photographer, Rose Ann Chasman, paper-cutter and calligrapher, Laurie Gross, weaver, Peachy Levy textile artist, Peretz Wolf-Prusan, print maker moderator: Linda Steinberg Director of Marjorie and Herman Platt Gallery UJ)
“The Challenge of the Visual Arts in Judaism” Dr. Stephen S Kayser- Prof Emeritus Dept Art History UCLA, founder of Jewish Museum NY
“Jewish Art is Alive and Well in America: An overview with slides of contemporary Jewish art and Artisans” Mae Shafter Rockland artist lecturer author of The Jewish Yellow Pages, The work of our hands: Jewish needlecraft for Today
Papercutting:Reviving a Traditional Jewish Folk Art
Bill Aron photographer, contributing editor Moment Magazine “From the Corners of the Earth: A Photographic Essay of Jewish Communities” workshop and lecture
Deborah Kelman Textile designer and instructor “Creating a Jewish Holiday Heirloom: The art of Batik”
“The Act of Creation:Creating the Aleph-Bet Storytelling Performance with Peretz Wolf-Prusan”
Rubrics, Gargoyles and Gallnuts: The Art of the Hebrew Illuminated Manuscript lecture and demonstration Jay Greenspan
Hebrew Calligraphy Workshop Jay Greenspan
“Papercutting:Reviving a Traditional Jewish Folkart” workshop RoseAnn Chasman

“Drawing From Judaica A Slide Presentation” Mark Podwal, illustrator and author of A Book of Hebrew Letters and A Jewish Bestiary
“Creative Jewish Illustration:Learn Illustration Using the Hebrew Alphabet” Mark Podwal
“Papermaking:Make and Use Your own Paper” Lila Wahrhaftig, printmaker
“Hebrew Calligraphy for Beginners” Batya Silverman, calligrapher
“Papercutting:Learn Skills and Techniques of an Ancient Jewish Folk Art” Shendl Diamond

“Collecting Judaica:The Passion and the Quest Views of the Vendor, Artist, and Collector of Jewish Art and Artifacts: A Panel Discussion Nancy Berman (at time Director HUC Skirball Museum,) Herb Bernhard, collector, Laurie Gross, Artist, Alex Lauterbach, collector, Joy Schonberg, Judaica International formerly with Christie’s Judaica dept.
“Restoration of the chair of Rav Nachman of Bratislav” Catriel woodsculptor
“Hebrew Calligraphy for Beginners” Batya Silverman, calligrapher
Bill Aron photographer, contributing editor Moment Magazine “From the Corners of the Earth: A Photographic Essay of Jewish Communities” workshop and lecture

Yale Strom and Zmiros Klezmer Band A Multi-Media Presentation of Klezmer Music and Photographs A Tree Still Stands: The Last Jews of Eastern Europe based on the book by Yale Strom and Bryan Blue
childrens concert by Marcia Berman

Margalit Oved in “Travel with Me My Dove and Listen to Me based on a poem by Shalom Shabazzi” (dance performance combining traditional with contemporary)
family concert “The Shpielers” Cindy Paley, Gordon Lustig, and Dev Ross
“Symbols and Folklore of Amulets and Jewelry” Sara Einstein
“Papercutting:Reviving a Traditional Jewish Folkart” workshop RoseAnn Chasman
“Reflections on Contemporary Ritual Art, An Artist’s Point of View” lecture and exhibit by Ari Ofir, one of Israel’s leading silversmith and introducing the work of Amit Shur cosponsored by the Commission on the Arts of the Council on Jewish life of the Jewish Federation Council

“Klezmer and Yiddish Music: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow”
“Creating the Hebrew Letter” Rose Ann Chasman
“Papercutting:Reviving a Traditional Jewish Folk Art“ Amy Goldenberg
“Mezzuzah Magic:Create a Mezzuzah in a Family Workshop” Claire Sherman


Sephardic Serenades Old World and New World Music from the Cultural Heritage of Judeo-Espanol
“Practical Papercutting Holiday Decorations” Naomi Hordes
“Keine Hora Amulet/Hanukah Gelt Pouch” Barbara Gordon national chair, pomegranate guild
“Instant Hebrew calligraphy” Joanne Abensour

Talk: Music A performance of Jewish storytelling and Traditional melodies…featuring Gerald Fierst, Artistic Director, Storytelling center at the 92nd street Y, NY and John Bilezikjian, world renowned Oud player
“Jewish Papercutting” Debra Band
“Storytelling workshop for all ages” Gerald Fierst
Beginning Hebrew Calligraphy “Geri Bieber

Klezmania! Golden State Klezmer Band and the Buddy Collette Trio
“Mezuzah Magic Create a mezuzah case using self-hardening clay and learn its history and traditions” Susan Felix
Head, Hands and Heart Use woven textiles, simple sewing techniques and lacing skills to explore the traditional view of Tzedakah and create a contemporary Tzedakah pocket” Laurie Gross and Rabbi Arthur Gross-Schaefer

Klassical Kaleidoscope N’Klezmer Too! Join Zinovy Goro, klezmer clarinetist and members of the LA Jewish Symphony as they entertain us with the many voices of Jewish music
“Mezuzah Magic Create a mezuzah case using self-hardening clay and learn its history and traditions” Carrie Ungerman
Hebrew Calligraphy:Words of Kavanah” Laurel Paley
Documents and Decorations: The Art of Jewish Papercutting” Rose Ann Chasman
“Kene Kora/Jewish Amulets” using recycled and readily available materials, maker your own amulets to protect against earthquakes and the evil eye Lila Wahrhaftig

The Sounds of Jerusalem featuring Bruce Burger of RebbeSoul and Evan Kent cantor Temple Isaiah
Happy Birthday Dear Jerusalem:Celebrating 3000 years exhibition of my jewish discovery place
“Mezuzah Magic Create a mezuzah case using self-hardening clay and learn its history and traditions” Carrie Ungerman
Scenes of Jerusalem Learn the Art of Jewish Papercutting Laurel Paley
Hebrew Calligraphy Rose Ann Chasman

“Our Love is Here to Stay A Jazz tribute to Jewish Broadway” jazz singer Annette Sanders, a five piece jazz combo and Evan Kent
“Mezuzah Magic Create a mezuzah case using self-hardening clay and learn its history and traditions” Carrie Ungerman
Signs and Symbols Learn the Art of Jewish Papercutting Laurel Paley

Israel Sings at 50! starring Yoel Dan, Sam Livne, Jacob Naiger, Ahuva Zadok, directed by Gita Zeltzer

Reggae Hanukkah “Nyabinghi Skanukah” A Roots Rock and Reggae Hanukkah Celebration (mix of Jewish music with instrumental and rhythmic colors of West African and West Indian musical traditions)

The Ellis Island Klezmer Band and Mariachi Mundiale de Mexico

Isiah choir and Valley Gospel Choir under direction of Reverend Andrae Crouch

Tresoros Sephardis! Judy Frankel and producer/arranger Gordon Lustig

Main program (unclear)
Papercut workshop Archie Granot
Friday night program Jewish Experience of the South Bill Aron and Vicki Reikes Fox



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