Shana Tova and holiday Craft Ideas

Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and meaningful new year!

Its a bit late for Rosh Hashana crafts, but, as you can see above, we made Pomegranates which are equally good for Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot.

They’re made out of styrofoam balls, glue, glitter, feathers or pipecleaners, and plastic pins. After Rosh Hashana we’ll add a ribbon to hang them in our sukkah. We did a few experiments with glitter versus glitter glue and also coloring the ball first. It was a fairly easy project for three-four year olds but can also be done with older children.

pomegranate craftTo make: Cut the ball in half making sure to leave some crevices to make the ball seem more like a cut pomegranate. If desired, color the ball with a red-ish shade first. Choose whether you want to use glitter glue, glitter or both and slather your ball with that media. Let dry.

Next take little plastic craft pins in a complementary color and randomly stick them into the cut side of the ball to mimic pomegranate seeds. Stick a feather or folded pipe cleaner at the top of the cut ball and you are done. The pipe cleaner method makes it a bit easier to add a ribbon later for hanging in the sukkah.

I was going to post a bunch of Rosh Hashana crafts here but they’ll have to wait until next year. I did see a cute Tashlish yarn art picture from Creative Jewish Mom which would be fun to make.

Usually you send Rosh Hashana cards before Rosh Hashanah, but if you make a Yonah in the big fish “popup style card.” You should be ok. I made some years ago with this design. Basically Yonah should be on a pull tab  and an opening should be left in the fish’s mouth so that you can see Yonah entering the fish.

A few crafts from last year:
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