School Labels Beta Testing

Do you want to test our new School Labels Beta Labels? These are in progress, and they need some beta testing before they can get added to the Bikat Chaverim store.

The school labels are a completely new thing for me and a result of a personal need. Specifically to help my daughter with her homework organizer/journal (yoman) and with keeping track of her school work and responsibilities.

Organizing the student or that school Organizer

I don’t know about your elementary school experience, but we’ve found the “keeping things organized” learning process difficult. This is an area where I personally do not know whether stepping in is better or worse for a child, but my gut feeling is it is something she has to learn for herself.

At the same time, I do want to give some guidance, supplies to help her integrate all the new organizing requirements.

Enter- School Labels

To help with the:

  • Which papers, books do I need to bring home?
  • Whoops I forgot my homework in school.
  • All the class has their books in the same place, they all look the same and I can’t tell which book is mine.
  • I forgot to ask my teacher something
  • My parents were supposed to sign something, I forgot to ask.
  • Which pages were for homework?
  • I wrote something here but I have no idea what it says.

Does this sound familiar? I could go on, but I bet some of you are with me. Perhaps having cute labels will help make the writing stuff down process more enjoyable, for her and for me.

The labels are based on classes my daughter had last year, plus a few new classes this year (mishnah! yay!) They are in Hebrew and English. The labels fit the size of Avery Labels 5167.

Do you want to beta test the school labels?

The school labels need some testing and feedback. I have a few unknowns with them (for instance, I have not come up with a good icon for Dinim. I am wondering how best to organize them so they are easy for a young student to use. What English subject titles work best?)

Are you interested in testing? Please leave a comment below including what grades you would be testing them on.


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