Seeking Submissions For Our Annual Mitzvot Unplugged

Mitzvot Unplugged Series Welcome from Birkat Chaverim
We are seeking submissions for our annual Mitzvot Unplugged Series.

The Mitzvot Unplugged series came about as a way to think about inspiring my own kids in doing mitzvot. Besides role modeling and focusing on learning and doing, I wanted to share creative ways of inspiring towards Jewish values. I wanted a way to think about my own parenting and learn about new ideas. The series was set to run between Lag B’Omer and Shavuot since it seemed appropriate as a way to build up to the holiday of Matan Torah. We have loosely focused on different themes in the past. One year homeschooling, another technology, some posts from the art, becoming a ben or bat mitzvah and always something related to being a mensch and chesed opportunites. We like to have posts that are geared both towards older and younger students. This year we are completely open.

What would you like to share? To submit a link or a submission idea please use the form below:

Annual Mitzvot Unplugged

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