Water and another bag

Plastic bag water scene

Summer is a good time to post these two projects made by two girls in my class. First is a water scene made out of plastic bags and fimo. I thought it was really neat. She tested what happens when you iron plastic bags a little too long and then made use of the piece as the ocean. She didn’t have to. You can actually iron other pieces together but she liked the effect. The fimo was shaped using a mold I bought that made sea animal shapes.

Undershirt bagUndershirt bag side view

This project is based on a project in Disney’s Family Fun Magazine. I have a few copies at home for the girls to skim to get ideas (along with other props.) This participant decided she liked the idea and so brought an old shirt from home in order to make it. Its great to tote things back and forth to the beach or pool. It would also be an easy craft idea to do at a Bat/Bar Mitzvah celebration.

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