Throwback: Tzitzit project a Back to School Activity

Mickey Tzitzit DesignThis is a throwback to an old tzitzit project I did with my son quite a while ago. I stumbled on this photos of in process tzitit that I know i meant to post but somehow overlooked. Given that school will be starting soon, I thought it would be fun to post them. At the time, my not yet three year old son and I took old undershirts and decorated them with favorite characters. The designs were to order, that is, he decided what he wanted. At the time that was Max and Ruby and Mickey Mouse. I added Aleph Bet to the designs.

Tzitzit Project: What We Did

We cut the sides so that the shirt would have four corners rather than no corners. We then cut holes in each corner. I did not re-enforce them but it would be better if you do.
I then taught my son how to tie tzitzit. While he did tie quite a number of knots and wrap threads I will admit that I did most of that. We did discuss that when he is older he will need to check the tzitzit to make sure the knots are still knotted and that the tzitzit are kosher before putting them on. I have actually reiterated that point lately, now that he is much older and able to check them himself.

Mickey Tzitzit DesignHe really enjoyed them at the time and we’ve since passed them down to the next in line. I don’t have pictures of the finished product and they are, in fact, at this stage a bit wear-worn and ready to be retired. This was a fun project though and would be a good project to do before starting school or for a Bar Mitzvah related project. I would recommend using pre-made tzizit though. Cutting up old undershirts is a bit tedious and it makes the project a more multi-week project. For a one sitting project pre-made tzitzit is alot easier. As an example, you can see how the tzitzit in this post were done, although clearly using a different technique.

In Progress: Max and Ruby Tzitzit via Birkat Chaverim

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