Tu Bshvat Flower ideas

Tu Bshvat flowers

Tu B’shvat is really about figuring out a date for terumot and maasrot. That is tithing- old fruits versus new fruits, which year they are from so the fruit can go to the correct recipients. In the Bnei Akiva bencher, we actually do include the blessing recited when taking terumot and maasrot. But I didn’t really want to do a post about that right now. It is not very crafty. I also did not want to do something about Tu B’shvat seders or dried fruit. Instead, I’m thinking about flowers. Before fruits become fruit they start as flowers, so there you go.

Flower Projects

My daughter and I made the flowers above using pipe cleaner and stockings for a very simple no sew project. We did some experimenting with coloring the stockings but mostly we used the stockings as-is.

In the chug/workshop we also seem to be focusing on flowers lately. Here is one flower barrette one of our participants made.

She chose to make this barrette after we looked at a bunch of different designs and styles online. I found a tutorial of how to make this one (and of course I’m having trouble finding it again to post a link to it now.)

The idea behind this one is to make four flower shapes with six petals, fold them over and attach them in the middle. That provides the depth. This participant chose to use two colors for variety. Other floral barrettes that have been made recently include another flower made of felt, but using overlapping flowers of different sizes and a large fabric flower for a headband. I’ll post images of those soon.

Here are two other sources for flower ideas:

Do it yourself alternative flower arrangements

And this youtube video on how to make flowers from dryer sheets:

How To Make Flowers out of Recycled Dryer Sheets

Tutorial for a really cool tree and swing card made of paper discovered via Whipup

See also: Dried fruit “trees” and “flowers” and upcoming posts for Tu BShvat starting on Rosh Chodesh Shvat.

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