Areyvut Bnai Mitzvah Video Contest

I like the idea of the Areyvut Bnai Mitzvah Video Essay contest and thought it would be relevant to some of the blog readers. I like the idea of turning family celebrations into meaningful experiences which give back to the community. A while back I requested readers to let us know how they made their family celebrations meaningful. I felt that it would be helpful to others planning celebrations to see what other families have done (I’m still looking for submissions so feel free to comment or post on facebook.)

This contest is basically doing the same thing. Contestants are asked to submit videos of how they have or will incorporate the values of chesed (kindness), tzedakah (charity), and tikkun olam (social justice) in their rite of passage celebrations. The winning video will be posted on the Areyvut website. I like the idea and bet that there will be some interesting submissions.

The contest is open to grades 5 through ten and closes December 25th. See the Areyvut website for further details. Areyvut also has a database of over 200 Bnai Mitzvah mitzvah project ideas that can be incorporated into a Bnai Mitzvah celebration. This resource can be accessed here: Bnai Mitzvah mitzvah project ideas

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