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I teach Judaism and Israel-related subjects online. I have been involved in the Irena Sendler project for the past year and teach about it in my online Hebrew school classes.

Sendler was a non-Jewish Polish woman who saved 2500 children from the Warsaw ghetto. One of the most amazing aspects of her story is the fact that her activities were almost forgotten, and would never have been publicized if not for a group of (non-Jewish) Kansas schoolgirls who heard a rumor about her activities and, as part of a school project, investigated. Their research led to a renewed interest in Sendler’s story and wide recognition including a website, a book and a performance.

I’d love to write a guest blogpost about the Irena Sendler project for Birkat Chaverim.

the irena sendler project: Impacting the Community a guest post by laurie rappaport for character counts week. A project by students that helped spread Irena Sender's heroic work in the Warsaw ghetto and created an exhibit and project about her. Via Birkat Chaverim.

The Irena Sendler Project: Impacting the Community

In honor of Character Counts Week, here is a guest post by Laurie Rappeport about the Irena Sendler Project that both is an example of the piller of citizenship as well as an example of the type of project bnai mitzvah could do. In the Jewish World celebrating Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs often involves encouraging a young person to accept a new res ...

Temma Gentles Shiva Box via Birkat Chaverim

Temma Gentle’s Shiva Box

Its almost the end of the three weeks so I have been posting items related to themes of the times. Mourning is one of those themes. When my father passed away, one of the things that were helpful during the shiva was that the chevra kadisha had given us a book where people could write comments. This was both comforting because people wrote about things ...