Individual Birkonim question

Is it possible to order individual birkonim?

We have received a few questions regarding the possibility of ordering individual birkonim, that is a single Birkon or a number up to ten. We are trying to figure out the best way to accommodate these requests since our printer does not really have time to answer requests for such small quantities and we keep a very small number of benchers on hand.

For now, our solution is to provide a sample birkon for $10. The $10 will be credited to a customized birkon order. The sample bencher is available through the Birkat Chaverim shop.

What about those 5-10 order requests? Ask your local Bnei Akiva! They may have a supply of Birkonim that they can sell to you. We have a stock of Birkonim with a simple white cover. If they do not have a stock, ask them to be in touch with us for a supply of Birkonim that they can sell to you.

Any other questions? Please be in touch!

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