Black and White Borders

It happens from time to time that discussions with customers result in new ideas or new covers. The border designs for the Bnei Akiva bencher resulted cover designs benchers in this post had to do with a discussion about black and white borders. Our customer wanted to print in black and white ink and wanted something different than they had or which already exists in our black and white cover design section on the store site. Sometimes I am inspired, and this was one of the times. Due to these discussions, I created a number of new black and white border designs.

Black and White Borders

Introducing the designs that came out of that discussion. Two of them are flexible in that they have elements that are removable. It is not necessary to use the lions or the Torahs.

Black border design with Torah- or black border without Torah.

black and white border with Torah copyright birkatchaverim
A black horizontal border design with a smaller stripe above and below

black and white large black stripes copyright
BlackĀ  and white stripes with lions – or stripes without lions

black and white stripes with lions copyright birkatchaverim.

We are currently in the process of updating our site. Consequently, these black and white border cover designs will go up when the new site goes live. You can find them then, in our cover design section in the shop website. To see our other black and white cover designs in the black and white cover section of the Birkat Chaverim store.

This isn’t the first time we’ve gotten design ideas from customers. For instance:

Kotel designs

Laya Crust cover based on a ketubah design – In this case the design is not in our store. However, the use of a beautiful ketubah for the cover was not our suggestion.

Note: we are always interested in new design ideas to make using the bencher as easy and useful as possible. Have ideas for other new cover designs? Share in the comments.

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