Reminder! Simcha Logo Giveaway

simcha logo giveawayJust a reminder that the simcha (celebration) logo give away is still on. One simcha logo and a runners up prize of $18 off a purchase here are up for grabs. Useful to anyone who is celebrating a rite of passage so feel free to send a friend a link to the contest. See the post about the contest for full details of the contest.

The recent news of the IRS/US Treasury extending the date for submission of the FBAR and amnesty to Americans with unreported foreign accounts (that according to US law require reporting) has led me to think that it may be worthwhile to extend the contest a bit. The ¬†extension for the FBAR was to help people who had trouble getting all their paperwork together in a timely fashion, and I am thinking that during holiday season people may have a similar problem. I’ll keep you posted about that.

UPDATED: Contest over

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