Support Bnei Akiva with the bencher project.

Information for Distributors

Have you had customers ask whether you carry the Bnei Akiva bencher? Are you interested in carrying it in your store or online shop?

Wholesale Information

We can provide you with Bnei Akiva English Hebrew benchers or birkonim in wholesale quantities. Benchers are availabe with plain white covers to use with your own foil stamping processes, without covers for you to fulfill yourself, or with digitally printed bencher or birkon covers using our designs and our printer.
In addition, our catalog of Judaica items, including our line of digital cupcake wrappers suitable for holidays and celebrations, are available for distribution.

Drop shipping Information

We can provide Bnei Akiva benchers or Grace After Meals Booklets via drop shipping. We can fulfill orders of our benchers placed in your store or e-commerce site with our digital covers using our printer.
Additionally, our line of Judaica is available for drop shipping.

Further Inquiries Welcome

We welcome inquiries about distribution and bulk orders of the Bnei Akiva bencher or other products. We would be happy to discuss any questions or comments you might have regarding this opportunity.

To discuss further call us at (347) 404-5501 or send us an email at info at

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