wrapped first aid creams

First Aid for First Class Teachers: Teachers Gifts at the end of the road

What do you do when you want to thank all your teen's teachers for their help and support along your child's educational journey? Homemade first aid creams! This idea is courtesy of Noga Hullman from Upside Down Parenting who made these amazing first aid creams for her daughter's teachers. We are sharing this today in honor of the end of the high schoo ...

Kid made play doe pens for teacher appreciation gifts via birkat chaverim

Teacher Gifts

As the end of the year approaches, are you looking for some ideas for teacher's gifts? We are always looking for ideas, and here are a few from our site: Photo book Kid made pens Kid made pencils Chalk or Crayons Soap Popsicle molds (or healthy popsicles) always go over well too as do thank you notes from your child.