Birkat Chaverim Sukkah Garland

Sukkah Garland

Not sure if garland is the right word, perhaps hanging is better. In any case this is extremely simple to do and we like it because we like to reuse our decorations from year to year and sometimes it rains. One solution we have for that is laminating pictures but hanging things often get a little worse for wear. However, felt holds up fairly well in ...

Felt scarf pink and purple

Scarves and a few other updates

I know the title starts with Scarves, and I'm including one photo of a scarf at the top, but I am going to start with the updates. Updates Now that Chanukkah/Hanukkah is over we can get back to other topics. I have been working on a variety of graphic design projects but most are identity related and I'm not going to post any at this time. I'm also ...

Hanukkah lamp feltboard

Some Hanukkah Craft Ideas

I have not yet written any posts yet about what we are doing this year in our chug (class), but I hope to start posting about that next week. In the meantime I wanted to post a few ideas for Chanukkah/Hanukkah craft ideas that can be found here, around the web or are simple enough not to need a tutorial.

Hanukkah lamp feltboardFeltboard menorah with candles:

Basically choose a menorah shape you like from your own imagination or using a clipart shape you can find. Cut out the menorah shape from any color felt you like. Cut out nine rectangles (I did white but given the variety of colors for Chanukkah candles one could use whatever colors you can think of)  and 9 "eye" shapes from yellow/orange felt. Use a rectangle shaped piece of felt as a backboard and you've got a Chanukkah felt board. Candles and flames could be reused for Shabbat candles. ...