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Yom Haatzmaut Pop Up Card

1 May

Pop up card design for Yom Haatzmaut via Birkat Chaverim

Presenting my daughter’s Yom Haatzmaut Pop Up card design. My daughter’s school emphasizes the contribution that each student can make in the school. One of the programs that they have created for this purpose is a “chanchut” or mentoring class once a month. Each month the older students get a story or theme to teach […]

The Koren Mahzor for Yom Haatzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim a Review

10 May

Image yom haatzmaut machzor koren review

The Mahzor Texts It makes sense to have a review of the World Mizrahi Koren Mahzor for Yom Haatzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim on a site that was created to support a fundraiser for Mizrahi’s youth movement, Bnei Akiva. There are all kinds of good things about this mahzor. The main purpose of the mahzor is […]

Patterning a map of Israel

9 May

Patterned Israel map done in a kindergatrten via Birkat Chaverim

I saw this idea of patterning a map of Israel in a local kindergarten, but I can see doing something like this with older children as well with various techniques. Basically the teachers divided up the map into various zones and had children use different techniques to fill in the map. This is great on […]

Blue and White Fingerprint Flag

17 Apr

Thumbprint Israeli Flag via Birkat Chaverim

For those of you looking for a very simple Yom Haatzmaut project for the younger set, I bring you the blue and white fingerprint flag. The depicted flag was made by my then three year old. It took two minutes to set up, he enjoyed the activity and was pleased to hang it up afterwards. […]

Blue and White Cornettos

6 May

Blue and White

I teach Judaism and Israel-related subjects online. I have been involved in the Irena Sendler project for the past year and teach about it in my online Hebrew school classes.

Sendler was a non-Jewish Polish woman who saved 2500 children from the Warsaw ghetto. One of the most amazing aspects of her story is the fact that her activities were almost forgotten, and would never have been publicized if not for a group of (non-Jewish) Kansas schoolgirls who heard a rumor about her activities and, as part of a school project, investigated. Their research led to a renewed interest in Sendler’s story and wide recognition including a website, a book and a performance.

I’d love to write a guest blogpost about the Irena Sendler project for Birkat Chaverim.

Summing up the cultural exchange

11 Apr

Israel Cultural exchange kid package via birkat chaverim

I wanted to show what was included in the kids cultural exchange packages that we sent out to represent Israel: stickers coloring sheets and coloring book a keychain that looks like Israeli money halva, zaatar, “nana” tea and mekupelet chocolate postcards a coloring name sign that looks like a Jerusalem skyline that I designed. I […]

Israel Exchange part 3 Food

11 Apr

Homemade Challa bread machine recipe via birkat chaverim

This is part three of what was sent in the Israel Kids Cultural Exchange. You can read part one orĀ part two here. This part was about food. Kid Food – Falafel, Halva, kids like “chamutzim” – sour pickels and sour olives. Pomegranates and pomelas (or mini pomelas) are popular and grown here. Spearmint or “Nana” […]

Israel Exchange Part 2 Things you may or may not know about Israel and Jerusalem

10 Apr

View of the old city via birkat chaverim

This is part two of the letter we sent for the kids Cultural Exchange -Israel. You can read about the cultural exchange and part one of our letter here. Things you may or may not know about Israel and Jerusalem: Both national languages, Hebrew and Arabic, are read right to left not left to right.Israeli […]

Israel Cultural Exchange Part 1

9 Apr

View of the knesset via birkat chaverim

Last summer I noticed that a blogger I enjoy reading, Chasing Cheerios, was organizing a kid cultural exchange. I always thought these sounded like fun and my daughter was rather into writing at the time, so I asked to join and also passed it on to some other locals who might be interested in doing […]

Yom Yerushalayim school-ish resources

14 May

Last year there were a few things my daughter did in gan which I rather enjoyed related to Yom Yerushalayim and they are easy to replicate: Counting Jerusalem stone They had a felt board, a large number of Jerusalem stone pictures (laminated and with aplix on the back) as well as number pictures. Match the […]