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Teaching Jerusalem one footstep at a time

8 May

In honor of Yom Yerushalayim, Jerusalem day, and as part of the Mitzvot Unplugged series, we are pleased to welcome, Joanna from, a website that helps families explore Jerusalem and its environs. Take a walk down the small alleyways of the Old City of Jerusalem and you may be wondering how you can experience […]

Travel Games to help during vacation season

6 Dec

As holiday/vacation season is coming and lots of families travel around this time I wanted to point out some of our travel ideas as well as a new one: Bubble Wrap Scavenger Hunt I came across this via Savima Other ideas: Travel Games from various sources Matchbox building game Travel Board Games Food Travel Games […]

I forgot one! One more travel id idea

28 Jul

I have not made these yet but it could be fun to do with your child- a travel safety bracelet using beads with numbers on them to create your phone number. Either buy number beads or take larger wood beads and write/paint/glue numbers on. Let me know if you do this!

Travel safety with young children or keeping in contact

27 Jul

Sorry posts have been sparse around here. Its been extremely busy! Given the time of year I thought I would write about one concern when traveling with families. A major concern is what happens if your child gets separated. If the child becomes separated, you want to make sure that the child can get in […]

Travel games from other sources

1 Jul

I haven’t made these but they seem fun for traveling. The first two I stumbled across via The Crafty Crow, who did a fun set of posts about games from around the world. Korean Board game The post on crafty crow uses craft sticks, rocks and a drawn board game to make this, but I […]

Matchbox building game

27 Jun

Matchbox mini card game keychain, card details

One of the girls in the chug (class) brought in slices of a cereal box to use as game pieces for her game. I liked that idea and used it with my daughter to make a travel game for my older niece who is a camp counsellor this summer. It had to be something that […]

Travel games

25 Jun

Mini Squeeky game

We have been making travel games over the last few weeks in our chug/classes. The idea was that almost all the girls are going away somewhere once school is out and all of the “somewhere” require traveling. Having some travel games would make the traveling part of the trip more fun. For inspiration I pulled […]

Resource for travelers- Zenofon

6 Nov

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, as a post in the travel category as a resource. One issue that always seems to come up while traveling is staying in touch with loved ones at home. This can be expensive on both sides depending on your long distance options from home and what […]

One more about Noah

22 Oct

There’s still time to talk about Noah stuff. This morning I pulled out some stickers I bought for my daughter last year around this time of year for Parshat Noach and thought it would be great to post about them, even though they are not art or craft. I bought them originally to use for […]

Travel toy- food and “kuku” necklaces

10 Aug

This travel toy was a big success on a family trip with a group of children between the ages of 1-10. Materials required: Shoelaces (we use colorful ones) Cheerios (or other food items with holes in them)¬†Alternatively small plastic “kuku’s” or hair ornaments. Combine to form necklaces and bracelets. Older children enjoy creating their own […]