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Popsicle Stick Torahs

2 Jun

popsicle stick torahs via Birkat Chaverim

Yet another very simple Torah project. This was to the specifications of my three year old. You may choose to be more elaborate in your crafting.

Simple Mini Torah cookies

30 May

filo dough torah cookies via Birkat Chaverim

We made these for Simchat Torah but they are equally good for Shavuot which celebrates Matan Torah, receiving the Torah. They have a little cinnamon and sugar on them. It isn’t an original idea, I think we saw this somewhere as bourekas.

Accessing the Torah with Jewish Interactive

22 May

Accessing the Torah with Jewish Interactive a guest post for mitzvot unplugged via birkat chaverim.

As part of the Mitzvot Unplugged Series we are happy to welcome a guest post from Nicky Newfield, Corinne Ossendryver, Miriam Eljas and the Jewish Interactive team. Jewish Interactive is a non-profit organization, founded in South Africa, whose mission is to create interactive Jewish programs, using modern technology, to make Torah more relevant, accessible and […]

Holiday I Spy

6 Apr

Holiday I Spy via Birkat Chaverim

Around Rosh Hashana my son and I made Holiday I Spy layouts. This is one of them. It may be of use pre-Pesach.

Mitzvot Unplugged Roundup

14 May

Mitzvot Unplugged Series Welcome from Birkat Chaverim

This is by no means a comprehensive roundup. In a way, I think that it in part focuses on topics that may not usually be included in teaching about values, but which definitely need to be dealt with from the perspective of your own family values rather than via mass media. Always looking for additional […]

The Living Torah

1 May

Guest Post The LIving Torah by Ilana from via birkat chaverim

As part of the Mitzvot Unplugged Series, we are happy to have a guest post by Ilana Masri from As a homeschooling family, we feel privileged that we have a seemingly endless amount of hours each day to focus on our children’s character development. We address Jewish values in a twofold manner. We use […]

Mitzvot Unplugged Welcome

28 Apr

mitzvot unplugged teaching jewish values

I’m very pleased to welcome you to the first ever Mitzvot Unplugged Series. The series developed as a conversation in my head and then with my kids. As my children get older I think more and more about how to inspire and develop their own desire to be good people, love of Torah and desire […]

Mitzvot Unplugged

31 Mar

Mitzvot Unplugged Series from Birkat Chaverim

From Lag BOmer to Shavuot I will be hosting a blog series called Mitzvot Unplugged. The main theme of the series is teaching tiny tots/kids/young adults Jewish values in a creative way. I am pretty excited about this series, and about the people who have already agreed to participate in the series who range from […]

CD case Omer calendar

28 Mar

Do you remember the omer calender template I posted a while back? My daughter’s birthday is around Passover so for the little inexpensive prize that kids give out in gan, this year I decided to give omer calendars. It served a two-fold purpose. 1. We have lots and lots of cd cases because we used […]

Hair Clips for Girls…and boys

6 Aug

I never posted these but we had fun with them. Two crocheted flowers to match dresses (we like adding ribbon): This one has a button- Plus my favorite a simple clip for a boy (could be for a girl too but in this case it was made for a boy.) If you are familiar with […]