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Tu B’shvat Garden

9 Feb

tu bshvat garden with recycled plastic bottle flowers

In honor of Tu B’shvat I thought i would share this garden created by one of our local schools. The garden includes both plants and plastic bottle recycled flowers. All were all “grown” by students with disabilities and it came out quite neat. They also grow herbs and plants which they sell and I always […]

Shmitta Resources for Children

28 Jan

Some shmita resources for children via

This is a short list of Shmitta resources for children. If you have any that you would like to add please comment below: Resource list from Matal (Merkaz LTochen Limudim) Shmita at Tora Land– This is in Hebrew but very cute, and some of the games are easy Hebrew. There are games and videos to […]

Simple Mini Torah cookies

30 May

filo dough torah cookies via Birkat Chaverim

We made these for Simchat Torah but they are equally good for Shavuot which celebrates Matan Torah, receiving the Torah. They have a little cinnamon and sugar on them. It isn’t an original idea, I think we saw this somewhere as bourekas.

Ms Frizzle inspired Plague activity

25 Mar

Ms Frizzle inspired ten plague activity

We have a crazy addiction to the Magic School Bus books around here. Besides having our own, we have taken out every small fry one in the local library and are working our way through the chapter books. In particular, we seem to migrate towards the books about microbes and the human body. I did […]

ChallahCrumbs Inclusive Parsha Coloring Pages Kickstarter Campaign

24 Feb

ChallahCrumbs kickstarter campaign for parsha sheets that provide educational triggers and more roles for women.

ChallahCrumbs is trying to raise funds through Kickstarter to create a years worth of Parshat Hashavua (weekly Torah portion) parsha sheets. Whats unique about the coloring pages is that they would like: “…to create Parsha sheets that reflect our values — that incorporate the role both women and men have in the Torah, that are […]

Salt projects

21 Jan

salt letter tracing for parshat hashavua

I never did post these pictures but we did some salt play for Parshat Vaaera. Letter tracing in salt (in a broken lunch container). Also used to play with toy animals. Gluing salt to paper. We actually colored this with a dropper and food coloring but the child making the project was more interested in […]

Lentils parsha projects

1 Nov

  This week’s parsha tie ins were a big hit with my 2.5 year old and I thought I’d share. The picture is of his favorite one, which was sorting lentils. I gave him a spice container, funnel, and three types of lentils and let him layer them however he wanted. He was super excited […]

Sefer Breishit Parsha Resources

11 Oct

I have not been photographing any of the parsha related projects we are currently doing but we have a bunch of posts online that could be useful for familes looking for parsha ideas. These are mostly geared towards young children, but some are also good for older children. In addition, there are lots of interesting […]

Let’s Talk Jewish Learning!

9 May

As part of the Mitzvot Unplugged series we are happy to welcome Amital from Organized Jewish Home to talk about resources her family uses for homeschooling. Some of my favorite learning opportunities aren’t formal learning. There’s so much to talk about as you live your life: brachot as you eat and when there is lightning, […]

Review: Seven Steps to Mentchhood

6 May

Review of Seven Steps to Mentschhood by Stanley H. Fischman for mitzvot unplugged via birkat chaverim

As part of Mitzvot Unplugged I am happy to review Stanley Fischman’s Seven Steps to ”Mentschhood” – How to Help Your Child Become a Mentsch: An Interactive Guide for Parents, published by Urim Publications. In our home we are constantly telling our children that we want them to grow up to be mentchen but we did […]