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50th anniversary Crafting Jerusalem

23 May

Yaakov Agam Heart Installation Rechavia

We are alive with all the excitement of the 50 anniversary celebrations around here as well as just returning to some normalcy given all the street closures due to President Trump’s visit. Thank G-d for kind parents, although the school bus was canceled multiple times this week, my daughter still made it to school (and […]

The Koren Mahzor for Yom Haatzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim a Review

10 May

Image yom haatzmaut machzor koren review

The Mahzor Texts It makes sense to have a review of the World Mizrahi Koren Mahzor for Yom Haatzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim on a site that was created to support a fundraiser for Mizrahi’s youth movement, Bnei Akiva. There are all kinds of good things about this mahzor. The main purpose of the mahzor is […]

Kotel Pop Up Card

17 May

Child made Kotel Pop Up Card

My daughter made this Kotel pop up card in her art class this year for Yom Yerushalayim. She agreed to share it here. It is not a compliacated pop up card to make. She is considering putting together a little “kit” for her friends to make one too. If she does, and she lets me, […]

Kotel Bencher covers and cupcake wrappers

28 May

Bencher covers and cupcake wrappers with kotel design

Since its Yom Yerushalayim, I thought I would take the opportunity to mention that we have Kotel bencher covers and matching digital cupcake wrappers available in the shop. Take a look and let us know what you think.

What are the 70 names of Jerusalem?

27 May

Do you know what the 70 names of jerusalem are?

My daughter (7) decided to add a question to her homework this week, and so wrote in her notebook: What are the names of Jerusalem? I liked her question and asked her to see how many names she could come up with. What about you? How many do you know? If you want to cheat, […]

Marshmallow Kotel

1 Jul

Building a Marshmallow kotel via Birkat Chaverim

The idea of building the kotel or Beit Hamikdash out of Marshmallows is not the most original idea but we did do a few additions that were fun. First off, we used food coloring to add a stone-like touch to the “bricks.” We also used leaf shaped sprinkle and chocolate sprinkles for the flora that […]

What Color was the Menorah on the Arch of Titus?

1 Jul

The depiction of the  Romans bringing the spoils of war, including the Temple Menorah and its vessels to Rome, on the Arch of Titus is a depiction that for many Jews symbolizes the loss of the Beit Hamikdash and of exile in their minds eye and in their hearts. This arch celebrated Titus’s victory over […]

Teaching Jerusalem one footstep at a time

8 May

In honor of Yom Yerushalayim, Jerusalem day, and as part of the Mitzvot Unplugged series, we are pleased to welcome, Joanna from, a website that helps families explore Jerusalem and its environs. Take a walk down the small alleyways of the Old City of Jerusalem and you may be wondering how you can experience […]

Kol HaOt – Illuminating Jewish Life through Art

30 Apr

Kol Haot Group Project Image courtesy Kol Haot

We are happy to have a guest post from Kol Haot as part of the Mitzvot Unplugged Series. A fuller version of this post appeared in the Lookstein Journal Jewish Educational Leadership: The Arts in Jewish Education A short note, although i have never participated in the series, many years ago I visited David Moss’s […]

Cupcake Wrappers for Celebrations

27 Apr

Latest cupcake wrapper designs from birkat chaverim

Remember the Purim cupcake wrappers? Just wanted to let you all know that they’ve been joined by a bunch of new wrapper designs. This time, these designs match with some of our bencher designs. That means they could be used in conjunction with a bencher order, or alone at a family celebration. Note the Kotel […]