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Hanukkah Eraser Fun

27 Nov

On yet another day out due to illness, for yet a different child, we broke out an eraser making kid for hanukkah eraser and other eraser fun.  A while back, I bought a Creatibles Eraser Kit (amazon affiliate link). We made some pre-school year erasers and bring out the kit from time to time. This […]

Hanukkah Card Elements

7 Dec

My kids and I have been fooling around with Chibitronics LED circuit stickers. I picked some up over the summer because I thought they would be a fun way to learn about circuits and so forth. We made some simple cards around Rosh Hashana time and plan to make some around Hanukkah as well. For […]

Get your Hanukkah Wrappers Now

4 Nov

new hanukkah wrapper package

Its that time of year again. Hanukkah is approaching, which means its time for Hanukkah cupcake wrappers. Are you having a simcha or party? you can order all three Hanukkah digital cupcake wrappers as one downloadable package in the shop. Meaning you can purchase the blue-green, maroon and orange cupcake wrappers in one purchase. This […]

Hanukkah Digital Cupcake Wrappers Package

10 Dec

new hanukkah wrapper package

Hanukkah is coming, which means its time for Hanukkah cupcake wrappers. I have just added a new package to the shop to order all three Hanukkah digital cupcake wrappers as one downloadable package in the shop. Meaning you can purchase the blue-green, maroon and orange cupcake wrappers in one purchase. This actually saves you some money, […]

Top Pinned Content This Month

8 Dec

favorite pinterest pins Hanukkah from Birkat Chaverim

As you know we have an active Pinterest presence where we pin our own content as well as content that we like. We also have several exciting collaborative Pinterest boards like the Jewish Informal Education and Crafts board and the Jewish Art board. I thought I would share our top five pinned content this month. […]

Dreidel Crayons for Hanukkah

16 Nov

For years I have really wanted to make dreidel crayons. So imagine how excited I was to find an old silicon dreidel mold at the local Emunah “white elephant” sale. It was a shekel or so. We also snagged a boat silicon molds and I told my kids that we were going to make crayons and […]

Holiday I Spy

6 Apr

Holiday I Spy via Birkat Chaverim

Around Rosh Hashana my son and I made Holiday I Spy layouts. This is one of them. It may be of use pre-Pesach.

Whats Different? Hanukkah

28 Nov

I had a bit of an ironic laugh at this and I thought I would share. Several years ago I downloaded some coloring sheets from Last week I printed some of them out for my son to color. Some of the coloring sheets I doubled up on one page to save paper. My daughter […]

Hanukkah cupcake wrappers

24 Nov

We put together some of the digital Hanukkah cupcake wrappers and toppers (to the great delight of my kids who got to help assemble and eat some of the cupcakes.) They are two designs- one has a “shamash” on the topper with Hanukkah Sameach in Hebrew, and one has the shamash on the wrapper and […]

Homemade Dreidels Featuring a Story Dreidel

13 Dec

Homemade Dreidels Story Dreidels Kid painted dreidels

We are still playing dreidel tag. Our home made origami version did not come out so well (toddler ate it,) but we do have a few others to show. One of these(upper right corner) has been featured here before, but I still love it. I love how kids mix colors together to make such bold, […]