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Top Ten Favorite Uses for Lonely Socks

11 Jun

We love sock projects around here and I’ve noticed that missing socks tend to be an obsession among my family and friends. So I thought I’d put together a list of things that can be done with lonely socks. These are not in any particular order: Make doll clothing- Great project to do with kids! […]

From Lonely Sock to Sleeper Futon- A First Sewing Project

12 Aug

One of our summer projects has been learning how to sew. That is, my 5yo wanted to learn how to sew “for real.” At first I thought we would make some doll clothing out of socks but we decided to do furniture. First I suggested a simple couch but my daughter wanted to make “a […]

Eliezer’s camels

24 Oct

In honor of the weekly Torah portion, Parshat Chayei Sara I’m linking to some paper toys to make to help create the story of Rivka and Eliezer and giving the camel’s water. First a camel on The Toy Maker’s site. This page has a camel and a giraffe and one could print it multiple times […]

Doll clothing chug update

11 Dec

Although I have not posted recently about the chug (workshop/class), we are meeting again this year and are working on a variety of projects, mostly not doll clothing. Some participants are working on animal shaped ouch relievers (you know, those things that sit in the freezer and when you get an ouch, relieve the ouches) […]

Update on the doll clothing classes

21 Sep


Just wanted to let anyone interested know that I haven’t been posting about doll clothing projects because we are on hiatus until after the holidays. We will probably be meeting on another day this year as well. Probably Tuesdays, but we have not decided yet. Anyone who would like to know about the class and […]

Finished projects from the doll clothing course/chug

28 Aug

I wanted to post pictures of some of the finished projects from the doll clothing classes. The girls are very creative and are always coming up with new ideas. I don’t have pictures of all the works made in the class, but I’d like to share what I can. Finished shorts: Build a bear sheep […]

Notes from the doll clothing chug/class

24 Aug

Here are a few comments and suggestions for people who might be interested in running a doll clothing workshop using materials such as socks. These are based on things learnt in the course of our chug/class. When cutting holes in socks or other materials, advise participants to make sure that the holes are smaller than […]

Build a Bear shoe tutorial

21 Jul

Here is a tutorial for the build a bear shoes based on the Martha Stewart pattern. We decided that the straps should be removed since they complicated the project. Since the Build a Bear needed more coverage on top and has wide legs an extra length of felt would be needed for the strap to […]

Doll Chug- shoes for bears and dolls

19 Jul

UMI Children

Week five we worked on accessories which we continued week six and seven. I found several baby bootie patterns for us to experiement with and also found a cute viking shoes tutorial from a blog called Earth and Living and its use with children here and thought i would give the girls ideas and a […]

More about the Doll Clothing Chug

15 Jul

I think I neglected to mention that this doll clothing making chug takes place in Jerusalem. I thought I would mention it now.For the fourth week I originally thought we would do accessories because of the smaller amount of sewing required. in the end one girl decided she wanted to do a skirt and top […]