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More for Tu B’shvat- dried fruit trees

26 Jan


Here is a little project I did with my daughter. Its extremely easy and has all the right Tu B’shvat elements in terms of dried fruit, flowers or trees. Basically you take dried fruit (we used papaya), pretzels, and flower or circle shaped cookie cutters. Depicted are flowers but these are just as easy as trees.

Cut the dried fruit with the cookie cutters and use a pretzel to poke a hole in the bottom. If the pretzel breaks, eat it and use a different one. Use another piece of dried fruit as the ground. These work as either trees or flowers and seem to also work nicely as a candy replacement since they recall lollypops and those gummy candies. For a more tree-ish effect, raisins could be added as “fruit” or “flowers.”

And for anyone worried that we might be wasting food, not to worry, everything got eaten.

For other Tu B’shvat ideas see Awash in Flowers and Tu B’shvat flower ideas. You may also be interested in posts related to the Parsha: Yeyziyay Miyzrayim themes and a post related to Pidyon Haben.

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