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Bnei Mitzvah Surprise: Leatherdos or Clippa Kippah Clips

29 Jul


Leatherdos or Clippa clips a fun bnei mitzvah giftI’ve been admiring the Leatherdos or Clippa kippa clip project for a while. This is a neat product that was a result of a student project. A Holon design student, Yaacov Goldberg decided to play around with the kippa clip for his design object. He noted that kippa clips are often used for other things besides keeping a kippa from flying away.

Goldberg decided to build on the other uses of the clip and the result is the Leatherdos kippa clip and multi-tool. Dos is Hebrew slang for someone who is religious. It is perhaps slightly derogatory, which is maybe why they are marketed as Clippa clips also.

This is a really fun clip with multiple uses. He also has many pictures of the ways it could be used, and you can see he had a lot of fun making the examples.

I think this is a fun Bnei Mitzvah gift (and I have given this on occasion.) What I like about it is that its small (if sending a gift with traveling family or friends,) it makes a good cute add on to a more educational gift but would still be appreciated now by the young adult receiving it.

I have not given this to girls yet, but I keep eying that hexagon shape and thinking it would be perfect for a floral decoration like one of these flowers. I I have a feeling a Leatherdos or Clippa clip is not the clip you should wear on a plane.

Images courtesy Yaacov Goldberg, Leatherdos

Use 51 for Leatherdos or Clippa clips- cutting rope Use 51- cutting rope Use 36 for Leatherdos or Clippa clips- Shabbat candles or oil lightsUse 36 Shabbat oil lights

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2 Responses to “Bnei Mitzvah Surprise: Leatherdos or Clippa Kippah Clips”

  1. Jenna Hunter December 16, 2016 at 2:17 am #

    It was interesting to learn that these clips can come as a multi-tool. My husband is always losing his when he is at work and walking around talking to customers… I would imagine he wouldn’t lose this little guy anytime soon!

  2. Meira @ Birkat Chaverim February 9, 2017 at 6:25 pm #

    Thats a good point! They probably are less likely to get lost. Most of my kippa wearers don’t yet use clips on their kippas. They go for large, don’t fall off when playing soccer types.

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