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An Educator’s Guide to An Extra Seat

13 Sep

Detail, A Seat for Sharansky, Illustration by Caryl Herzfeld from An Extra Seat

I have been meaning to post an educator’s guide to An Extra Seat for a while. This time of year is a good time to do it given the books focus on ahavat chinam and helping others. In particular, when witnessing so much is going on around the world today (hurricanes, monsoon…) and the acts […]

50th anniversary Crafting Jerusalem

23 May

Yaakov Agam Heart Installation Rechavia

We are alive with all the excitement of the 50 anniversary celebrations around here as well as just returning to some normalcy given all the street closures due to President Trump’s visit. Thank G-d for kind parents, although the school bus was canceled multiple times this week, my daughter still made it to school (and […]

Best Match for the Inside of the Bencher?

20 Sep

What cover best matches the inside of the bencher?

    We recently had a customer ask us regarding the inside of the bencher: We want a color cover but did not seem to find one that also matched the inside colors. Can you recommend one? What looks the best with the inside design from your experience? Inside of the Benchers Here is a […]

Kotel Pop Up Card

17 May

Child made Kotel Pop Up Card

My daughter made this Kotel pop up card in her art class this year for Yom Yerushalayim. She agreed to share it here. It is not a compliacated pop up card to make. She is considering putting together a little “kit” for her friends to make one too. If she does, and she lets me, […]

4 Thoughts Before Passover

3 Apr

4 Thoughts before Passover

A few thoughts before Passover- 1. The best time to clean your fridge and freezer for Pesach is when you are hungry. 2. Very pleased to have received a review copy of Rabbi Eliezer Melamed’s Laws of Pesah (Peninei Halakha) (Yeshivat Har Bracha and Maggid Books) trans. Yehoshua Wertheimer and Moshe Rapps). It is helpful […]

Hebrew children’s book reviews

12 Feb

Hebrew Kids Books Reviews. Why the Na Nach car? Check out the reviews.

Usually I review books in English here but this time I am reviewing three children’s books in Hebrew. These are all about Rabbis some more and some less familiar. The first Hebrew children’s book review, is for בשירה אל הרב צבי יהודה (In a convoy to Rav Tzvi Yehuda) by Rachel Slyter (illustrated by Naama Lahav) publisher: […]

Review: The Temple in Flames The Story of the Final Battle for Jerusalem

31 Dec

A Temple in Flames Book Review

I meant to review this in the summer during the 9 days, but given what was going on then, I found it too heavy to review this book. That is not to say that I did not find it to be interesting and a useful resource, just given its subject matter, it was too difficult. […]

Digital Cupcake Wrappers for Donations to Eden Center via Giving Tuesday

24 Dec

giving tuesday israel donor gifts for the eden center

I wanted to give a heads up to an offer that some of you may be interested in. You may or may not know that outside of this site, my “other jobs” include web design and online community building. I have been doing community building for The Eden Center for the past several years. Eden […]

Three weeks Resources

7 Jul

Resources for the three weeks via birkat chaverim

Here are some useful resources for the three weeks or to use on the 9th of Av: Erica Brown’s In the Narrow Places – useful for all ages. The Kavanot for each day of the three weeks can be explained in a simpler manner for younger children and it is useful both to think about […]

What are the 70 names of Jerusalem?

27 May

Do you know what the 70 names of jerusalem are?

My daughter (7) decided to add a question to her homework this week, and so wrote in her notebook: What are the names of Jerusalem? I liked her question and asked her to see how many names she could come up with. What about you? How many do you know? If you want to cheat, […]