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Back to School: Decorating Pencils

8 Sep

We made decorated pencils to break in the idea of going back to school. Decorating Pencils is a great multi-age craft for the beginning of the school year.We made these pencils with children ages 3 through 8. It was also popular with a 14 year old so I would say it would work across grade […]

Blue and White Cornettos

6 May

Blue and White

I teach Judaism and Israel-related subjects online. I have been involved in the Irena Sendler project for the past year and teach about it in my online Hebrew school classes.

Sendler was a non-Jewish Polish woman who saved 2500 children from the Warsaw ghetto. One of the most amazing aspects of her story is the fact that her activities were almost forgotten, and would never have been publicized if not for a group of (non-Jewish) Kansas schoolgirls who heard a rumor about her activities and, as part of a school project, investigated. Their research led to a renewed interest in Sendler’s story and wide recognition including a website, a book and a performance.

I’d love to write a guest blogpost about the Irena Sendler project for Birkat Chaverim.

Sweet Year Homemade Beeswax Lip Balm

5 Aug

Sweet New Year Homemade with kids lip balm in recycled lip balm container via birkat chaverim

This was an experiment with my kids to see how well a project would go over with two year olds and because I thought they would enjoy it. I wanted to see whether we could melt the beeswax without mixing the wax over a fire. This is not a bad project to do with a two […]

Teacher appreciation: Kid Made Pens

6 Jun

Kid made play doe pens

Its that season where kids show their teachers they appreciate them. These pens were made by an almost 2.5 year old for his gannenot (teacher/day care providers.) These are made out of a type of play doe that dries to a soft bouncy texture. Its kind of neat to hold and fun for a kid […]

CD case Omer calendar

28 Mar

Do you remember the omer calender template I posted a while back? My daughter’s birthday is around Passover so for the little inexpensive prize that kids give out in gan, this year I decided to give omer calendars. It served a two-fold purpose. 1. We have lots and lots of cd cases because we used […]

Barbie Nightgown

30 Dec

In the summer I mentioned one of the mother-daughter projects on our list was to sew something. My daughter decided she wanted to make a nightgown for one of her Barbie dolls. I admit I probably would never have bought these, but she received three hand me down Barbies from my nieces and we do […]

Accordion Book Templates

16 May

Accordion Book Story Telling Template English, Hebrew, German

I recently mentioned the Accordion books we made. In the post I mention templates but I didn’t give the links. Here are the links! These are set up for A4 paper and I have them for English, Hebrew and German. Basically you fold them in half for two stories. One side only has two panels […]

Bath Salts for Lot

10 Nov

I was sure I posted about this 100 years ago but I couldn’t find the post and I also can’t seem to find a photo yet but a while back we made bath salts as a wedding gift. This is a great gift item to make with kids as its really simple to do. I […]

Ikea Hack- child’s refrigerator

10 Nov

Ikea Refrigerator Hack Made out of Expedit Cardboard Boxes

One of the reasons I’ve been a bit slow to post around here (besides baby and work) is that we are still catching up and unpacking from moving over the summer. I thought I would share this little child’s refrigerator that we made because its: 1. Fun 2. Useful for storing kids toys 3. A […]

Two science experiments for Rosh Hashanah

26 Sep

shofar sound experiment

These came about by accident but were fun and take about five minutes. 1. Honey paste After reading that honey and cinnamon paste are good for coughing and laryngitis, we made a simple paste completely by experimenting on quantities. Then we tasted it. Its sort of like a mild hot tamale candy and is also […]