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An Educator’s Guide to An Extra Seat

13 Sep

Detail, A Seat for Sharansky, Illustration by Caryl Herzfeld from An Extra Seat

I have been meaning to post an educator’s guide to An Extra Seat for a while. This time of year is a good time to do it given the books focus on ahavat chinam and helping others. In particular, when witnessing so much is going on around the world today (hurricanes, monsoon…) and the acts […]

Wiki Loves Monuments Contest- Jerusalem

3 Feb

Bauhaus bank building

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. Over sukkot we did a rather fun activity. Wikimedia Israel ran a little contest to get people to submit images of Heritage sites in Israel. I’ve always enjoyed the wiki loves art and wiki loves monuments type of projects and I knew that my daughter enjoys […]

Tal season is wrapping up

12 Sep

Its  almost Rosh Hashana which mean Yom Kippur and Sukkot are around the corner and therefore Tal season is finishing up. That is, soon we’ll be switching from the Tal/dew prayer request to the Geshem/rain prayer in the Shemonah Esreh prayer.) I wanted to share an idea and activities that came out of something that […]

Sukkah hanging

28 Aug

A very simple sukkah hanging project. 1. Cut strips of paper, plastic the same width and length. Rectangular shapes. 2. Punch holes on either side. 3. Put brass fasteners inside the hole and open the brass fasteners. 4. Sort of twirl the papers around so they create a sphere. 3. Attach whatever you’d like as […]

Water science experiment for Sukkot

9 Oct

Given the connection between water and the holiday of Sukkot I wanted to share some links for water experiments. Experiment about rain puddles The Homeschooling ideas blog has an erosion experiment as well as other interesting water experiments. The erosion experiment could be tied in to the story about Rabbi Akiva and the rock. A […]

Apple Garland for Rosh Hashanah

11 Sep

I came across this a while back and thought it would be a nice project for Rosh Hashanah. Click to get to a pretty apple garland from Roots and Wings blog.

Sukkah Garland

20 Sep

Birkat Chaverim Sukkah Garland

Not sure if garland is the right word, perhaps hanging is better. In any case this is extremely simple to do and we like it because we like to reuse our decorations from year to year and sometimes it rains. One solution we have for that is laminating pictures but hanging things often get a […]

Shana Tova and holiday Craft Ideas

8 Sep

pomegranate craft

Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and meaningful new year! Its a bit late for Rosh Hashana crafts, but, as you can see above, we made Pomegranates which are equally good for Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot. They’re made out of styrofoam balls, glue, glitter, feathers or pipecleaners, and plastic pins. After Rosh Hashana […]

Simple craft for sukkot

30 Sep

These are not such original ideas but they can be a fun holiday toy for a young child in synagogue or wherever. The idea of using a matchbox as a house came from, where she has many lovely ideas in general, but in particular really sweet things out of matchboxes. I just modified her idea […]