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Getting Rid of Hametz

10 Apr

photo of homemade oatmeal made to work on getting rid of hametz via Birkat Chaverim

Pesach is coming and getting rid of hametz is a large part of the frenzy of preparing for the holiday, even if you sell hametz before the holiday or give away hametz to families in need. We have been doing a few different fun things in the getting rid of hametz category. The bonus, if […]

4 Thoughts Before Passover

3 Apr

4 Thoughts before Passover

A few thoughts before Passover- 1. The best time to clean your fridge and freezer for Pesach is when you are hungry. 2. Very pleased to have received a review copy of Rabbi Eliezer Melamed’s Laws of Pesah (Peninei Halakha) (Yeshivat Har Bracha and Maggid Books) trans. Yehoshua Wertheimer and Moshe Rapps). It is helpful […]

Fun Passover Montessori Activity

15 Mar

Pesach four cups droppers

What types of activities do you do as you prepare for Passover? We have an assortment that we like to choose from, and with my smaller fry, I tend towards Montessori activities. One Passover Montessori Activity that we’ve enjoyed is transferring water between kiddush cups. My kids always enjoy water drop activities and can do […]

Kid Designed Passover Stamps

10 Mar

Kid made Passover stamps via Birkat Chaverim

My nieces gave these to my kids a while back and around Passover we pull them out to use. I thought I would share them as they are handmade, kid made stamps and not hard to do. My nieces made the Passover stamps in a neighbourhood art class out of pieces of wood and foam. […]

Review: The Koren Ethiopian Haggada

1 Apr

Review of the Koren Ethiopian Haggadah Journey To Freedom

Review: Koren Ethiopian Haggada: The Journey to Freedom (Hebrew/English Edition) ed. Rabbi Menachem Waldman Trans. Binyamin Shalom Koren Press Pesach is coming and we’ve already taken out all the Haggadot and begun to think about how to make the seder and the telling of the Pesach story meaningful both for ourselves and our kids. I […]

Pesach Resources

24 Mar

Have you seen Martha Stewarts visit to the Streit’s Matzah factory?  

Teaching Pirkei Avot

3 May

teaching pirkei avot guest post for mitzvot unplugged series via birkat chaverim

As part of the Mitzvot Unplugged series we are happy to welcome Jennifer from  Adventures in MamaLand. She will be talking about teaching Pirkei Avot. It’s spring… time to learn Pirkei Avot! Traditionally, that’s every Shabbat afternoon between Pesach and Shavuot, one of six chapters per week. Many people keep going until Rosh Hashanah, but […]

CD case Omer calendar

28 Mar

Do you remember the omer calender template I posted a while back? My daughter’s birthday is around Passover so for the little inexpensive prize that kids give out in gan, this year I decided to give omer calendars. It served a two-fold purpose. 1. We have lots and lots of cd cases because we used […]

The closer it gets to Passover…true or false?

20 Mar

Passover downloads from artist Ken Goldman

10 Mar

ken goldman matzah origami- all rights reserved Ken Goldman

I love Ken Goldman’s work. He’s funny and clever and makes you think about Jewish concepts in new ways. Did you know that he has an assortment of free diy Jewish art kits? And some are useful for Pesach? These include an eco bedikat chametz cutout, the pyramid oragami matzah holders below, and a Birds […]