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Comics to Teach Jewish Values

8 Jun

Hereville-2-page-022-023 copyright Barry Deutsch

We have touched on the use of comics to teach Jewish values in Mitzvot Unplugged posts in the past. Aartist Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik uses comic books in his papercuts and in his workshops. Flora Rosefsky’s mentoree,  Adam, created a Purim costume for a super hero, and we talked about one of my favorite comic books about Rabbi Arye […]

A Letter to A Soldier

31 May

A letter to a soldier mitzvot unplugged

For Mitzvot Unplugged I wanted to include this letter to a soldier activity I put together for my daughter’s English class. We have been blessed to have family come over the years to Israel for a “gap year”. In the last year or two we had a cousin learning in Kerem B’Yavneh and were lucky […]

Tiny Ninja Theater Revisited

28 May

tiny ninja theater revisited illustration

A few years ago for Mitzvot Unplugged we had a guest post from Dov Weinstein of Tiny Ninja Theater about his one man performance piece M’amati. This past fall our family had a a wedding right around the time of a family member’s 75 birthday. Although this family member generally does not like surprises, we […]

Kriyat HaTorah Course

26 May

web yeshiva course

To kick off the Mitzvot Unplugged Series, I wanted to share news about Web Yeshiva’s Kriyat HaTorah course. Online learning is still a creative way of teaching our children Jewish values. We have written about other online courses before with JConnect, and this course from Web Yeshiva is useful for preteens and teens. Course: Kriyat […]

Seeking Submissions For Our Annual Mitzvot Unplugged

13 Apr

Mitzvot Unplugged Series Welcome from Birkat Chaverim

We are seeking submissions for our annual Mitzvot Unplugged Series. The Mitzvot Unplugged series came about as a way to think about inspiring my own kids in doing mitzvot. Besides role modeling and focusing on learning and doing, I wanted to share creative ways of inspiring towards Jewish values. I wanted a way to think […]

Jewish Youth Group as a Mitzvot Builder

17 May

As part of this years Mitzvot Unplugged, I wanted to talk about a classic method of teaching kids mitzvot creatively, the Jewish youth group. As you may know, Birkat Chaverim was started to support Bnei Akiva of North America through the sale of birkonim for family celebrations. I grew up in Bnei Akiva and was […]

Bat Mitzvah Project Idea: Lego Museum

13 May

Attendees with Bat Mitzvah at the Lego Museum charity fundraiser for a bat mitzvah project.

I love this contribution by Yonit Rothner, for Mitzvot Unplugged. Yonit’s father, Daniel is the director of Areyvut, which he contributed a piece about Areyvut’s Mitzvah Clowning Program for Mitzvot Unplugged two years ago. Daniel wrote the following: “The Lego Museum was the vision of my daughter Yonit who decided to do it as part of […]

The Mitzvah in Bar and Bat Mitzvah

10 May

The Mitzvah in Bar and Bat Mitzvah a Guest post by Marcia Goldlist for Mitzvot Unplugged.

We are happy to have a guest post by Marcia Goldlist as part of Mitzvot Unplugged, discussing using her Bible in Rhyme series as a way of teaching Bar and Bat Mitzvah. A common question asked of b’nai mitzva is, “What are you doing for your bar/bat mitzva?” Everyone knows that what people really mean is […]

Book Review: Be A Mensch

7 May

Be A Mensch Book Review

Welcome to the third annual Mitzvot Unplugged! The mitzvot unplugged series is largely about teaching our kids mitzvot creatively, but it is also about ways to build character or help them to become mensch. There is no question that how our kids behave is influenced how we as parents behave. If they see us doing […]

Call for Submissions- Third Annual Mitzvot Unplugged

12 Mar

Third Annual Mitzvot Unplugged Call for Submissions

The Third Annual Mitzvot Unplugged call for submissions is now opened. The Mitzvot Unplugged Series focuses on teaching our kids mitzvot in creative ways. The series takes place between Lag B’Omer and Shavuot. We are interested in guest posts that will help families teach their children Jewish values. Mitzvot Unplugged is open to guest posts in a wide area of topics. As a […]