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Three weeks Resources

7 Jul

Resources for the three weeks via birkat chaverim

Some useful resources for the three weeks: Erica Brown’s In the Narrow Places – useful for all ages. The Kavanot for each day of the three weeks can be explained in a simpler manner for younger children and it is useful both to think about serious concepts and discuss the issues of the three weeks. […]

Popsicle Stick Torahs

2 Jun

popsicle stick torahs via Birkat Chaverim

Yet another very simple Torah project. This was to the specifications of my three year old. You may choose to be more elaborate in your crafting.

Simple Mini Torah cookies

30 May

filo dough torah cookies via Birkat Chaverim

We made these for Simchat Torah but they are equally good for Shavuot which celebrates Matan Torah, receiving the Torah. They have a little cinnamon and sugar on them. It isn’t an original idea, I think we saw this somewhere as bourekas.

Kotel Bencher covers and cupcake wrappers

28 May

Bencher covers and cupcake wrappers with kotel design

Since its Yom Yerushalayim, I thought I would take the opportunity to mention that we have Kotel bencher covers and matching digital cupcake wrappers available in the shop. Take a look and let us know what you think.

What are the 70 names of Jerusalem?

27 May

Do you know what the 70 names of jerusalem are?

My daughter (7) decided to add a question to her homework this week, and so wrote in her notebook: What are the names of Jerusalem? I liked her question and asked her to see how many names she could come up with. What about you? How many do you know? If you want to cheat, […]

Addendum to A View from the American Guild of Judaic Art’s Mentor Program by Flora Rosefsky

27 May

Courtesy A. Harris Purim Costume for a Hero

This is an addendum to Flora Rosefsky’s post about mentoring in the American Guild of Judaic Art. In November Adam attached to me photos of an assignment. They were illustrations of modern day “Purim Heroes”, where Adam used Captain America comic strip illustration adding Jewish symbols, like a contemporary hero. He had told me that […]

Blue and White Cornettos

6 May

Blue and White

I teach Judaism and Israel-related subjects online. I have been involved in the Irena Sendler project for the past year and teach about it in my online Hebrew school classes.

Sendler was a non-Jewish Polish woman who saved 2500 children from the Warsaw ghetto. One of the most amazing aspects of her story is the fact that her activities were almost forgotten, and would never have been publicized if not for a group of (non-Jewish) Kansas schoolgirls who heard a rumor about her activities and, as part of a school project, investigated. Their research led to a renewed interest in Sendler’s story and wide recognition including a website, a book and a performance.

I’d love to write a guest blogpost about the Irena Sendler project for Birkat Chaverim.

Holiday I Spy

6 Apr

Holiday I Spy via Birkat Chaverim

Around Rosh Hashana my son and I made Holiday I Spy layouts. This is one of them. It may be of use pre-Pesach.

Review: The Koren Ethiopian Haggada

1 Apr

Review of the Koren Ethiopian Haggadah Journey To Freedom

Review: Koren Ethiopian Haggada: The Journey to Freedom (Hebrew/English Edition) ed. Rabbi Menachem Waldman Trans. Binyamin Shalom Koren Press Pesach is coming and we’ve already taken out all the Haggadot and begun to think about how to make the seder and the telling of the Pesach story meaningful both for ourselves and our kids. I […]

Ms Frizzle inspired Plague activity

25 Mar

Ms Frizzle inspired ten plague activity

We have a crazy addiction to the Magic School Bus books around here. Besides having our own, we have taken out every small fry one in the local library and are working our way through the chapter books. In particular, we seem to migrate towards the books about microbes and the human body. I did […]