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Holiday I Spy

6 Apr

Holiday I Spy via Birkat Chaverim

Around Rosh Hashana my son and I made Holiday I Spy layouts. This is one of them. It may be of use pre-Pesach.

Review: The Koren Ethiopian Haggada

1 Apr

Review of the Koren Ethiopian Haggadah Journey To Freedom

Review: Koren Ethiopian Haggada: The Journey to Freedom (Hebrew/English Edition) ed. Rabbi Menachem Waldman Trans. Binyamin Shalom Koren Press Pesach is coming and we’ve already taken out all the Haggadot and begun to think about how to make the seder and the telling of the Pesach story meaningful both for ourselves and our kids. I […]

Ms Frizzle inspired Plague activity

25 Mar

Ms Frizzle inspired ten plague activity

We have a crazy addiction to the Magic School Bus books around here. Besides having our own, we have taken out every small fry one in the local library and are working our way through the chapter books. In particular, we seem to migrate towards the books about microbes and the human body. I did […]

Pesach Resources

24 Mar

Have you seen Martha Stewarts visit to the Streit’s Matzah factory?  

Creative Purim Bar Mitzvah Invitation

2 Mar

Cute Purim Bar Mitzvah invitation via Birkat Chaverim

We received this cute Purim Bar Mitzvah invitation and I got permission to share it here:   I laughed when I opened it up.   Loved the idea of using a mirror to reflect the text for “Venahafoch Hu.” Don’t forget that we have Purim bencher covers for family smachot.

Disney Mishloach Manot

12 Feb

As Purim is getting closer thought I’d share what we did last year. Last year we dressed up like Disney characters and did a Disney Mishloach Manot tie in. I generally like Mishloach Manot that are light and that cost less than what we would spend on Matanot L’Aevyonim (the mitzvah of a gift to […]

Repotting succulents with a toddler

14 Jan

Repotting succulents with a toddler via birkat chaverim

We did this in honor of Tu B’shvat. We had bought a few small cactii and also had some succulents growing here and there, as well as 30 year old pots filled with soil but no plants. Together we dug holes, transferred the plants, watered the soil and then added rocks on top for interest […]

Tu Bshvat Handprints

14 Jan

hand print tree via birkat chaverim

Someone posted this project on the Jewish informal education and craft pinterest board and this is our version. We decided to do patterns for the bark (I helped color that part but so did my almost three year old, as you can see.) He also decided he wanted to print with his whole hand and […]

Foam flower project

14 Jan

Foam flower project

This is my daughter’s contribution. She said we should post this to “our website.” She made this in school the other day for Tu Bshvat. She made sure to explain that the flowers were cut into circles, then folded in half and skewered. The leaves were¬† cut into “leaf shapes.” This was quite popular with […]

Shabbat Experiment

8 Dec

We like to do science experiments related to holidays and such. Here’s one chemistry experiment we do every once and a while for Shabbat preparations. Basically its using an aluminum tin, salt and water in order to polish the silver. We use warm water and a larger tin, and rotate the items every once in […]