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Can I order a sample bencher with a specific cover design?

29 Apr

FAQ about sample bnei akiva bencher

We recently were approached by someone interested in ordering Bnei Akiva benchers for their wedding and who was interested in using one of our cover designs for their simcha. They wanted to order a sample bencher with this specific cover and asked whether it would be possible. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Each bencher order […]

What does the Bnei Akiva bencher look like inside?

13 Mar

Sometimes when people are looking to order a bencher they want to know what the pages look like. Generally we recommend ordering a sample bencher or visiting a local Bnei Akiva office, where there are some samples (call them first!) The bencher is stylistically unified throughout. It does have two border designs. One with the […]

The Benefits of ordering a Sample Bencher

9 Jun

Every once in a while we get an order for a sample bencher or birkon. Ordering a sample is a good way to decide whether you actually want to use it for your celebration. We send samples based on what we have in stock so you are able to see what others have done with […]

Book Swap Frequently Asked Questions

1 Jan

bookswap frequently asked questions

NOTE: The bookswap is back in business. Now on the ground floor. Frequently asked questions about the community bookswap. The bookswap is a community resource- if you think you are using it in a way that is contrary to its nature, ask. We want people to use it, not to stop using it because its […]

Benchers off the beaten path

19 Nov

As you may or may not know, we offer digital printing as one of the options for covers for the Bnei Akiva bencher. Digital printing can give you alot of freedom. You are only limited by size and your imagination. We have had various orders that take advantage of this. Here are a few highlights: […]

What to do with extra Benchers

11 Aug

I have been thinking about this for a while. I hate waste and I know that lots of people are not interested in saving things like I do. For instance, I actually save invitations that I get for weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah etc. I probably get that from my grandfather who used to save birth announcements […]

Minimum order of Benchers

3 May

We have been asked a few times whether it would be possible to order less than the 100 minimum set in the online ordering process. We set the minimum order at 100 at the request of our printer/distributor to make life a little easier for their fulfillment and printing process. We have, however, been able […]

Bnei Akiva Benchers and their content

4 Apr

table of contents bnei akiva bencher

Someone interested in ordering benchers recently asked us about what the Bnei Akiva birkon contains content-wise. I therefore thought it would be a good idea to include a picture of the table of contents. In English the sections are as follows: Grace After Meals Wedding Blessings Brit Milah Blessings Shabbat Introduction Candle Lighting Friday Evening […]

Dimensions for preparing your own cover designs

13 Jan

Bnei Akiva birkon Template with measurements

For the Bnei Akiva birkonim I have links to templates in illustrator and photoshop to allow people to prepare their files themselves. However, not everyone has these software programs. Is it still possible to prepare files yourself? YES! You just need to make sure that the files are appropriate print resolution (300dpi) and appropriate size. […]

Simple blue cover may not be so simple

15 Jun

Recently we had an order where a customer wanted to use a simple blue cover with simcha information in white. While this sounds like a very simple thing, it actually is rather complicated. Have you ever noticed that looking at the same website on your computer does not look the same on another person’s computer? […]